Re-think Simplicity – the best improvements are easy ones

The right tool for any job is often a specific, dedicated one and the right laboratory solution is no different. Performing 3-4 different tests on a single device invites human error as components, reagents, and methods must be accurately switched to ensure valid test results are produced. Dedicated analyzers are configured to eliminate these risks and simplify your lab operation to increase confidence in results you deliver.

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One-touch analysis for simpler lab operation

Titration is powerful but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With a dedicated analyzer, getting accurate and reliable results is as simple as touching a single icon. Need to run a QC sample or perform a calibration? There’s an icon for that. Reduce human error and simplify your lab with dedicated titration analyzers.

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Dedicated hardware that tests only what you need

Complex sample matrices are an analytical challenge for all laboratories. Testing for multiple components in these complex samples becomes more difficult as the industry demands lower detection limits. Ion chromatography is a powerful tool in your arsenal to separate the components in your complex sample and measure the analytes that interest you the most. Several detector options are available for your IC to achieve the sensitivity and selectivity you need.

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Preparation-free results for safer and simpler analysis

Chemical analysis is often repetitive and requires careful sampling and tedious sample preparation. Reducing the reliance on carefully trained operators and multiple preparation steps decreases the risk of human error and simplifies analytical operations. Near-infrared spectroscopy technology eliminates sample preparation, making analysis simpler, faster, and more reproducible.

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Hands-free process analysis when you need results immediately

When you need results immediately, process analyzers can be plugged right into your operation, so there is no need to move samples back and forth between your manufacturing plant and the laboratory.

Dedicated process analyzers will help you test only what you need in real time. Common applications include hardness in ultrapure brine to avoid membrane damage, online pH for the most critical samples, and caustic and soda for efficiency improvement.

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Sensitive and accurate analysis of trace metal and organic impurities

In the chemical industries, impurity specifications are critical, as the grades and the prices of chemicals are decided based on the impurity specifications. Furthermore, solvents, which are used in a multitude of processes, are prone to unwanted side reactions from trace metal contamination. Avoiding contamination is a critical step in maintaining batch-to-batch consistency.

Due to their sensitivity and ease-of-use, voltammetry and polarography are ideal analytical techniques for trace metal and impurity determination.

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